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"Time For You To Do What The Wealthy Do"

Obsidian Wealth Management "OWM" believes in challenging conventional solutions. OWM is on a mission to help people, families and businesses obtain the best tax plan strategies that will reduce tax liabilitity, increase new assets while growing existing assets, while protecting those assets and obtaining a proper retirement - family estate plan that doesnt catch people stuck in probate. We also help educate on Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Financial Literacy along with showing which options you have to drastically compound and grow your new & existing assets.

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We Are Experts In New Age Wealth Management!

Tax Planning

Doesn't matter if you are a w2 wage earner or a business owner, taxes are typically the #1 expense that never goes away. It sucks your hard earned cash away. If you are a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency holder that has quite a bit of wealth, well I can tell you that those federal 15-20% capital gains taxes will sting, but they dont have to. We have a very unique way of saving you all of your capital gains and more so that you can put more of your money to work for you to build your long term retirement and overall wealth.

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Proper Asset Protection

This is the #1 risk to business owners. This is the #1 thing that the wealthy have to protect and grow their wealth. Having a Asset Protection plan is a must when your assets are exposed. They say the greater wealth you obtain, the bigger the bulls eye is on your back. Well who wants to be a target for lawsuits and attacks on your hard earned wealth and assets? No one does. However that often becomes a reality when people dont have proper asset protection in place.

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Legacy Leveraged Flex RA

This is the #2 thing that all the wealthy have setup to build their retirements and wealth. We provide a real secured, insured, guaranteed safe and secure Legacy Leveraged Flex Retirement Account™ "LLFRA" or Legacy that is highly leveraged and designed to improve your overall retirement tax free. We are one of the only few companies that can offer this type of vehicle and its rapid growth. Find out how you can hedge everything in your portfolio with this #2 wealth foundational program.

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Proper Asset Growth

Did you know that according to smartasset.com the average rate of return on a 401k or IRA is around 5%-8% a year... A YEAR.... Did you know that the major institutions like Hedge Funds payout the bare minimum rates of returns such as 11% on average while keeping all the stock piles of profits they make from your money? Sort of unfair advantage right? Well that all stops today here with Obsidian Wealth Management.

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401k Rollovers

Times have changed and people's money is no longer safe in 401ks nor is a 401k a great retirement option. Bonds, Stocks and Mutual funds are heavily at risk especially as the US Dollar falls and as things switch to the Blockchain. Many people are living in fear and are like a deer in the headlights afraid to move their funds. We are here to tell you that you no longer have to be afraid. There are multiple strategies you can take to roll over or even cash out your 401ks.

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This is one of the biggest and most powerful ways to gain full control of your own retirement funds is by having a Self Directed IRA, LLC. We help setup WY based LLC's which have the best asset protection and no income tax laws in the country. Items such as Cryptocurrency, NFT's, Real Estate, Precious metals and many others can now go into this. We have options that you should explore that will drastically grow your IRA if you choose.

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We Help People and Small Businesses Plan, Save, Earn and Grow

Pursuing your goals is far easier when you're not alone. No matter your situation, we are here to help give you the sharpest edge. Just like a Knife or a sword, they must be sharp to do their job, when it comes to Retirement, Tax & Wealth Planning, its vital to have the sharpest strategies and have the sharpest team that has your back when it matters most. Everything we do is customized to each customer and helps maximize their individual scenario. Its our goal to help you protect what you own, save on taxes, grow what you have saved, and sleep well at night knowing your family is protected and covered should anything happen to you or your business if you have a business.k

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Here're Some Results That We Have Achieved For Our Clients


Guaranteed Growth

With Our Partners


Increased Protection

Protecting Their Assets


Income Tax Savings

Benefits of Tax Planning

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What Our Clients Are Saying & You Could Be Next!

"Very easy to work with"

"Beverly was an absolute pleasure to work with she showed my wife and I about how incorporating a Leveraged TFRA how we can have over six figures a year tax free in retirement and we can use the cash values to seize various opportunities. We look forward to working more closely with her and the OWM team as we dive into tax planning and asset protection"

Michael G - Investor

"Saved me over $100,000"

"Working with Joshwa and his team at Obsidian blew my mind with the creative and legal strategies they utilize to help business owners save hundreds of thousdands of dollars a year that is now back into my pocket. Then they showed me how and where to put those funds to drastically grow those funds along with future business profits. They truly have mastered their Legacy Wealth Accleration. Im excited to see how the next couple of years play out.

Jonathan W- Dentist-Business Owner

"Just what I needed"

"Have worked in the medical industry for years and I was able to build up an ok 401k however after learning about how 401k's are outdated and have very slow growth compared to whats available today, Obsidian Wealth Management helped me roll over my 401k, take some of the cash out  to put into a leveraged TFRA and minimize my taxation to truly give the pep in my retirements step that it needs. I will be referring friends and family."

June L- Registered Nurse

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According to economist Stephen Roach interviewed by Business Insider, stated there is a 50% chance of a double dip recession and the US dollar could collapse within the next 12-24 months or sooner. Discover why NOT having your money in the bank is the best thing for you and how you can have a recessionproof "HEDGE" setup to battle against the deflating US Dollar.

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Why 401k's are a horrible idea!

So why is a 401k a horrible idea? Why don't the mega rich use them? Did you know that there are there so many warnings to get out and cash out your 401k? In this article you will discover out why the mega wealthy dont use 401k's and why you should get out of yours and what to do with it.

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What is a LLFRA & Why you should have one?

Move over folks there is a new player in town and its called The Legacy Leveraged Flex Retirement Account™ "LLFRA". This is no ordinary retirement account like a 401k, this is the meca or the foundation of all major wealthy families like the Rockerfellers account. Having one of these is the ultimate hedge against inflation, recessions and economical loss.

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When you partner with Obsidian Wealth Management for your wealth planning needs, you get a purpose driven company looking to give you the sharpest edge in your wealth planning. Claim your complimentary Tax & Retirement plan by scheduling a strategy session call.