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Virtual CFO Services For Busy SMBs

Put your growth into high gear with an experienced Virtual CFO using a proven system to increase revenue, reduce taxes, increase profits, cash flow and protection.

Eliminate Volatility

Increase Profitability & Cash Flow

Taking a proactive approach, a VCFO will identify both the key profit drivers for a business and how they can implement incremental changes to improve cash flow. As your Virtual CFO, we will also provide you with an easy to understand but detailed financial reports and industry specific benchmarks so you can determine whats working and whats not.

Trusted Decision Making

Make Informed Decisions

As a business owner, you're likely wearing several hats. You should be able to take the time to focus on improving an growing your business. Having a Virtual CFO to act as a sounding board and alleviate the hours you spend on financials will radically transform your business.

Proper Planning

Establish & Accomplish Growth Goals & Exit Strategy

One of the most important roles as a Virtual CFO is to help a business owner set realistic short term and long term goals. A Virtual CFO acts as your unbiased and trusted guide. Together we will clear a patch to improved profitability and reduce stress all while ensuring the proper steps are being taken with all the other financial aspects of your business that can get you the best multiple for your business when you sell if you choose that as an exit strategy.


Wait....Do We Have Your Attention Yet?

When you partner with Obsidian Wealth Management for your wealth planning needs, you get a purpose driven company looking to give you the sharpest edge in your wealth planning. Claim your complimentary Tax & Retirement plan by scheduling a strategy session call.