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We know everyones  situation is different. From folks that are w2 wage earners to those that are small business owners all the way to those who have larger businesses that are thriving. No matter where you are at, there are always needs you have when it comes to wealth management and planning. Below you will see all that Obsidian has to offer.

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401(k) Rollover/Strategic Planning

There is no surprise that more and more people are considering rolling over their "STUCK" 401k that they have no control over. Many people are looking at rolling them over and we love that idea. Rolling over your 401k is one of the best things you can actually do. The 401k is an outdated low yield, low growth account that doesnt get you very far. Not to mention you have ZERO control over where the money goes and you have high penalties to access your funds. Here at Obsidian Wealth Management we can help you roll your 401k over with little to no penalties while assisting you with placing your funds into our TFFRA above along with several other strategies that will give you rapid accleration into your retirement plan. The best part is its all designed to be tax free when you retire. Want to learn more about why 401k's are a scam? click on the button below to read our blog that we wrote about it.

Why 401k's Are Outdated

Asset Protection

There is nothing worse than working your butt off to acquire assets to then have the world crashing down on you and you lose your assets to a divorce, creditors or a lawsuit. This could be real estate, vehicles, gold, cryptocurrency, jewelry, your business and much more. People are begining to ask the question "how can I protect my assets" and that is when its time to sit down with us at Obsidian Wealth Management.

We will guide you through the best ways of protecting your assets while drastically reducing if not eliminating all your risk and taxation. We only provide the best legal "bulletproof" asset protection options out there. Yes there are many to choose from and not all asset protection companies are created equal, however with Obsidian we help structure your asset protection to provide generational protection along with generational wealth. No longer shall you be subject to losing any of your hard earned assets, and the best part is this will last for generations to come.

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Family Estate Planning

Did you know that as of Oct 21, 2021 about half of the people (50%) that die do so without having a will in place? That means half of the population out there goes through probate where the state courts have to tally things up and help decide who gets what with that persons estate.  "A Will" that is drafted also known as a legal directive of what will happen to their money, assets, debts and properties when they are gone, is one of the very small things that can help with organizing all of this.

There are also things call state and federal estate tax that happens when you must go through probate. This is taxed on all the property, cash, real estate, stocks, and all other asset classes. Now by having the proper Family Estate Plan, you can make sure that you allow your beneficiaries to avoid probate at all costs, have access to bank accounts all while protecting your assets and having a very clearly defined way to ensure your assets are distributed exactly the way you want. You can even control your assets and funds long after you are gone just like John D Rockafella. Here at Obsidian this is what we do, we help guide you so that you and your family are not in that 50% listed above. Take control and get your assets and plan in order by reaching out to us today!

Wealth Management-Growing Your Assets

Did you know that the average retirement earns 6%-9% per year in annualized growth? Did you know that the average annual inflation amount is around 2%? So in other words you're truly only getting 4%-7% annual growth at best. Many tradtional methods of investing such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds are starting to get blown out of the water by newer more streamlined and transparent investing strategies. The key is many of the larger firms want to only push their products so that you only invest your funds with them. Not to mention that many of the government type programs such as IRA's and 401ks restrict you on what you can invest in.

We believe that you should be able to invest in a variety of things giving you the proper HEDGE against loss and deflated USD, along with other high yielding areas you can place your funds that bring you 30%-150% gains or more all while keeping your portfolio very balanced for your strategy type which can be very conservative, medium or aggressive. Here at Obsidian we help you branch out of the old ways and learn about the new ways that can provide you with tax free growth, asset protection, along with a diversified set of high yielding options to place your funds into. All we can do is educate, help you plan but its always your choice to invest. 

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