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About Obsidian Charity Partnerships

At Obsidian Capital Management, it is our passion to help those obtain and learn the dynamic laws of prosperity. One of those laws is the law of giving. The law of donating and serving. That is what these partnerships are all about. With our powers combines, we are like captain planet and can make a massive humanitarian difference in this world.


Obsidian Capital Management has partnered with Charity Water!

Did you know that almost 50% of the USA Population dont trust non profit organizations? They have no way or no where to tell where their money is going nor if its doing any good. Are you in that 50%, because we were. However after doing much research and after having a longing desire to change the game with helping others create wealth, one of those dynamic laws of prosperity is giving back. You must give in order to receive and to give freely expecting nothing in return (other than the love in your heart knowing you are making a difference which is good enough for us.)

Obsidian is very excited about its partnership with Charity Water so that Obsidian and its client partners can give back to a reputable legit charity that proves to you and shows you where your money is going. They put trackers on every well they create that creates a specific amount of water per day per villiage. They give you photos, and a whole lot more. They are the prime example of what a true non profit should be. We believe its necessary to give back to other charities that are making a massive impact around the world and Charity Water is doing just that. Watch our Journey to donating over $5 Million dollars to Charity Water by 2023.

We encourage you to watch the video below sharing the powerful story of how charity water was created. Maybe to after you watch, we can hug it out knowing we shared a tear together when watching this heart felt yet highly inspirational video.


Want To Learn More About Charity Water?

Click the  Button Below to be taken to their website and learn for yourself the massive impact they are making in this world and now we can too!

Charity Water Website