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A system for amplifying returns of one of the world's safest assets.

Is it really possible to earn double or triple digit tax-free returns without market risk? How different would your retirement be if you consistently averaged 15% or more in your portfolio? Is there a way to finally marry safety, growth, flexibility, tax advantages and availability? 

There is now... its called The Legacy Leveraged Flex Retirement Accountâ„¢ or "LLFRA" for short which is a powerful income hedging strategy that generates tax-free income and long-term wealth by combining profitable banking principles with an asset that's guaranteed to never lose value and hasn't in over 160+ years.

Eliminate Volatility

No More Heart Burn..

Volatility is a sure recipe for poor emotional decisions. One response is to try and time the fluctuations, hoping to make more from what seems to be a somewhat predictible up and down movement. Unfortunately, like a casino, more lose than actually win. Those that do win end up becoming overconfident, develop a taste for the excitement and eventually end up making less due to losses. Timing the markets is a losing game. With the Tax Free Flex Retirement Account you wont have to worry about volatility or loss of double digit gains, thus no more heart burn.

True Flexibility

Imaging having true flexibility and liquidity

It's never been more vital now than ever to have a diversified portfolio but do you have something in your portfolio that is proven to never lose any principle or profits during massive market crashes and even multiple wars and muliple great depressions? Now that is what we call a true hedge against all other asset classes. The best part is with this you have true liquidity and flexibility as we know life happens and you need a tax free flexible retirement plan that allows you to be flexible all without penalties and high taxation for accessing your funds. Here there are no hard qualifying applications or processes, its your funds and you have access to it with ease giving you true flexibility.

The Utlimate Hedge In Your Portfolio

Utilize the best Hedge against deflating USD and other risky investments

What most investment portfolios don't have is a safe, secure non volatile risk free investment that hedges all their other investments that continues to grow. We call this the hedge ninja because its working in the back ground year over year building you a secure, safe, double digit based return in an environment that continues to grow without all the risk resulting in drastic compounding growth.


Increase Capital By Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Great employees are the lifeblood of your company in more ways than one. The Legacy Leveraged Flex Retirement Account "LLFRA" is a powerful income strategy that provides your employees with an important benefit and allows your company to create double-digit returns on cash reserves, year after year with significant tax advantages while vesting employees and providing a great benefit to them. 


LLFRA centers around providing a valuable benefit to your employees that will help you attract and retain talent. As the owner of each policy, your company has access to the accumulating value, which grows predictably each year. Best of all, there's no tax on your gains. You employees receive permanant life insurance for their entire life, even if they leave the company. Providing employees with a legacy for their loved ones is a fantastic benefit, and you can use it as an incentive to recruit top talent while vesting them over a period of time before releasing them access to the death benefits.

The Benefits

Below are a few reasons why the Legacy Leveraged Flex Retirement Account.

1. TAX FREE INCOME: Money you earn using this method is 100% TAX FREE!

2. DOUBLE DIGIT GROWTH: Utilizing this vehicle its expected to grow 12% (or higher) returns each year, year or year for life!

3. LIQUID MONEY: You can access your money whenever you need it with no government penalties, restrictions or loan applications.

4. ZERO MARKET RISK: Your principle and gains are protected from loss, no mater what happens in the financial markets.

5. RETIRE WEALTHY: This strategy is designed to provide you with abundantly more income during retirement where your income can continue to go up year over year in retirement versus other retirement strategies.

6. LEGACY PLANNING: This strategy is designed to leave a lasting tax free legacy to your loved ones long after your gone.

7. UNTOUCHABLE: This strategy is designed in a way so that its 100% untouchable by courts or creditors.

8. LIVING BENEFITS: This has the ability to take care of your medical expenses and long term care needs should you ever get ill. It has so many benefits the question isnt why should you, its when are we getting you started.

9. TAX DEDUCTIBLE: When your business places one of these on your employees, this because a tax deduction to your business and is one of our tax strategies we use to drastically reduce your overall business taxes.

10. INCREASING TAX FREE RETIREMENT & RECRUITING BETTER TALENT: By offering this to your employees, you will attract better talent by incentivizing them with someone extremely unique that also benefits your business or retirement. By having a growing policy with strong cash value that is a tax deduction in which you pay one time and grows thereafter, you still own the policy on that employee. Thus you can utilize the cash value for whatever you choose including your tax free retirement. You can vest your employee overtime giving them access to 50% of the death benefit along with up to 50% of the cash value. Should anything happen to that employee, depending on their % of what they have obtained and how long they have been working there, if that employee died, you and his/her family would receive the death benefit payout.



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